Mr. A, Director of top multinational, 43 yrs old, is today struggling for life in a well-known hospital in Chennai after a second attack of seizures.

About one and half years’ back he had a hemorrhagic seizure while on tour because of an aneurism breakage in the brain. His company spent Rs. 2 Crore plus to save his life then. But 2 days back he had a second attack and is now admitted in Critical Care Unit (CCU). IF he had found time to take medication for uncontrolled diabetes & BP, which had been diagnosed and warned 2 years earlier by me, he would have had a better chance, says his senior doctors.

FOLKS! KEEP YOUR SENSES OPEN and respond sensibly when some one alerts you on your health. Mr. A could have been sitting in his luxurious office in Abu Dhabi in a position only few can even think off. Instead, "All the king's horses and all the king's men" are unable to put humpty dumpty back on the wall! So don't delay or postpone to attend to your health.

REMEMBER..DEATH AND DISEASE are inevitable unless you take responsibility for your own health. NEVER POSTPONE an appointment.

Please join me in prayers for his wife who is living in tears to save his life. After all doctors are only humans. Apoorva vaidya, whom Acharya Vagbhata salutes, alone can perform a miracle now.."yo apoorva vaidyaya namostu tasmai."

Dr. Ajithkumar Vivekanandan, Sr. Physician, AyurVAID Hospitals, sharing his angst AyurVAID Blogger : The World of Ayurveda

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