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Father Fit & Fine, With No Pain, No Surgery; Son Happy

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

KKS, son of Mr.MPS: My father (75 years) is suffering from Cervical Spondylosis. He has neck pain and shoulder pain, numbness in whole body, stiffness and lower back pain on left side. We approached many allopathy hospitals. But everyone suggested few pain killers, some exercise and surgery. Since we were not ready for surgery, thought came to try Ayurvedic treatment. After googling, found AyurVAID as a good centre. Main thing was that it has a branch in Kalmati(a), Uttarakhand. My father was not ready to go anywhere like Kerala and Bengaluru. So thought to take treatment in Kalmati(a). Contacted Mr.Rajiv Vasudevan, MD & CEO, AyurVAID Hospitals and he showed full confidence that this disease can be treated in his hospitals. He shared the contact number of Dr.Zankhana Buch for consultation over phone. Hence, I consulted and Dr.Zankhana Buch convinced me that she can treat this disease, but my father has to come to Bengaluru. She had conferenced with my father as well. At last, my father got ready to come to Bengaluru.

He reached Bengaluru on 27th May. We consulted Dr.Zankhana on 29th May in AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar. She listened to the whole story and check all MRI Scan, CT Scan and other reports and recommenced treatment of 21 days. I met with Ms.Nilima (Centre Manager AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar.) regarding insurance. She confirmed that we can avail this facility easily and gave assurance that after this treatment father has (will) not (have) to go for surgery.

Treatment started from 30th May (Tuesday) as per Dr.Zankhana’s plan. My father started getting some relaxation in pain and numbness within few days. (The entire) staff took care of us like family members. All therapists (…) performed treatment wholeheartedly. All (the) doctors, Dr.Zankhana BuchDr.Krishnan Pisharody and (the other supporting physicians) monitored my father’s condition regularly and advised according to plan. Even other staff members (…) behaved (with) us like family members and helped in all situations.

In 2nd week of treatment, father noticed the same numbness, pain but after having discussion with doctors found that such condition happens during treatment, since body was getting serviced and detoxification was happening…..I already started recommendation of AyurVAID within my friends, colleagues, and even in my company.I will continue the recommendation for others as well.(7th June, 2017)

AyurVAID doctors and staff members treat(ed) (us) like family members. Doctors and all staff members are experts in their areas. Because of their treatment, care and behaviour, my father is feeling much better.Major happiness is that he is not thinking about surgery now post this treatment.(8th July, 2017)

Thank you so very much AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar

- Mr.KKS on MPS ,Ghaziabad

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