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An Evangelist for Ayurveda, Post Successful Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

Background on patient’s health: Hemanth consulted AyurVAID after being diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and was quite depressed of this lifestyle disorder being struck in his early 30’s. He consulted Dr. Anju and Dr. Zankhana Buch at AyurVAID and was administered treatment for 21 days.

Hear it from the patient himself:

“The fact that you are diagnosed with a dreaded disease like Diabetes Mellitus will shatter anyone quite literally. You would not expect such a grave finding in the early 30’s. You could blame it on lifestyle, adulterated food and quite literally anything. It all started about 4 months ago when my friends commented that I was losing weight. I lost about 6 kgs in 2 months. I took a glucose test at home and was taken aback. My fasting sugar level was 325 and after food was 400. With a business trip planned on the same day, I had no other choice than to pop in Metformin tablets. I was really scarred and worried. After a lot of worry, I finally thought of trying Ayurveda and consulted Dr. Anju in Jayanagar who recommended HbA1C test, along with a couple of other tests. My HbA1c was at 13.6% and my average sugar level was 407. Dr. Anju gave me the required confidence and asked me not to worry. I also spoke to Dr. Zankhana and the first talk itself was very reassuring. I met the doctor at Ramamurthynagar hospital and after an hour of consultation, she recommended that I undergo a 21-day treatment. I switched to Ayurveda Kashayams, tablets and supplemented it with metformin. I started yoga and enrolled in a nearby gym for cardio exercises. I started with 1 hour of yoga and 25-30 minutes of on treadmill and half an hour of other workout. I switched to broken wheat and millets and included a lot of salads. Chocolates, sweets and fried items were a strict no. To my surprise the sugar levels dropped, and I sent the reports to the doctor over email, SMS, or phone call. A week of Purvakarma went extremely well and the doctors and therapists provided great support and stress management tips. My Pradhanakarma treatments have started since 4 days under the care of Dr. Zankhana. I am extremely glad to tell that my sugar levels 7bs 124 and PpBs as 144. I am not just happy to see the results but also feel very light and energetic than before. I go back as an evangelist for the Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda.”

Patient Outcome: Complete Management of Diabetes Mellitus and a return to normal life

Doctor Outcome: Administered Classical Ayurveda Purvakarma and Pradhanakarma treatments for 2 months along with diet, lifestyle changes and medicines.

- Hemanth Nanjundaiah

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