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GERD treated in just 15 days

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Background on patient’s health: Prakash who was suffering from GERD and related gastrointestinal problems sought the help of AyurVAID and was under the care of Dr. Ajith on treatment for 15 days.

Hear it from the patient

I had acidity and gastritis problem. I suffered a lot for more than a month. I tried with English medicine. But that didn’t work out. I came to know about AyurVAID through Dr.Preeti (Ajampura) and took treatment. Within 15 days the problem was solved.

Thank you. Dr.Ajith Kumar

Patient Outcome: Completed treated for GERD and related gastric issues

- Prakash, 25 yrs

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