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Recovered from Endometrial Hyperplasia

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Background on patient’s health: Preethi sought the help of AyurVAID Hospitals for recovery from Endometrial Hyperplasia and was treated by Dr. Zankhana Buch.

Hear it from the patient

“I came here from Mumbai. My Gync there had diagnosed that I had severe bleeding due to Endometrial Hyperplasia. Lots of treatment were done, in both Allopathy and Homeopathy. But then my doctor said either progesterone (a hormone) injection every month or Hysterectomy was the only answer. I was not keen on both. I read on the (inter)net that Hyperplasia treatment was possible in AyurVAID. When I came to Bangalore, I immediately visited Dr.Zankhana who after knowing my history gave me the confidence that it was possible to treat my condition. Within first few days itself, I could feel the changes. I had bloated a lot due to the problem. It reduced immediately and I felt more energetic. Other problems of Hyper Acidity and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) came under control. I am a patient of Asthma and always fell sick in Bangalore weather. But, this time I am perfectly fine. I am feeling very light in my abdomen with a very positive feel that things will be already in the future. Being diagnosed to of Vata Prakruthi I now also know what diet I should have. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Dr.Shruthi and therapists Keerthi and Shruthi for the treatment they gave me in a very polite way. This is the first time I am undergoing Ayurvedic procedure and I hope to get the best results from it. A big thanks to Dr.Zankhana and AyurVAID. Thank you soo… much.”

Patient Outcome : The patient was relieved of hormone treatments, Endometrial Hyperplasia and symptoms due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and found considerable relief from all discomforts.

- Preethi Rao, 42 yrs

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