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Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

“I was suffering from Fistula since more than 2 years. Doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital where I am regular patient advised me to go for an operation which, according to them, was the only option open to me. I opted for Homeopathy treatment and since the last 2 years the result was big zero. I came to know of AyurVAID Hospitals while surfing the net. Accompanied by my son Ajith, I came and consulted the doctors there who were very cooperative. Without a second thought, I wanted to be operated for my Fistula at AyurVAID Hospitals itself. I was operated upon on 1/8/2013. I have come across many Doctors in my life but at AyurVAID, they were different. I have seen a daughter, a sister, and a daughter in law, all rolled in one, and I found all these roles rolled in the lady doctor who operated on me and, who is a living example of the proverb below:

“Have a heart that never hardens
Have a temper that never tires
Have a touch that never hurts”

And Mr.Justin is person who spreads humour before an operation. The anesthetist, a person to be remembered. For, when I was to be administered anesthesia the story of a boy who had gone into coma after being injected with anesthesia was troubling me. But, the anesthetist with his healing touch and kind advice gave me utmost strength. The supporting physicians were very charming and well behaved.I cannot forget their kind advises too. I salute AyurVAID Hospitals.”


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