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Listen to our AyurVAID patient’s voice here

I am all normal now.

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Background on patient’s health Poorvi consulted the Hospital with severe abdominal pain and ulcers and was under the care of Dr. Ajith who helped in her fast recovery with AyurVAID.

Hear it from the patient herself

“Before I consulted AyurVAID, I had severe abdominal pain and ulcers too.I was diagnosed in various hospitals and treated too.But, everything went in vain. I did not find any positive results. (Then) my sister referred me ‘AyurVAID’. and I consulted and took treatment from Dr.Ajith Kumar and I must say, I feel all normal now, abdominal pain is minimal, vomiting has stopped, and I have better digestion than before.I would all my friends and relatives for any acute or chronic problems to consult AyurVAID.”

Thank you!!!


Patient Outcome: The patient saw remarkable recovery from ulcers and abdominal pain and has improved digestion post treatment.

- Poorvi

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