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Bubbling with Health, AyurVAID Reminds Her of 'Doctor Who'!

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

Mrs.RV, Mother of 14-year-old: Ms.S (my daughter) (was) a healthy, bubbly kid up until a year and a half ago. Owing to some changes in lifestyle and travel, she has had a bad year. She is in her 10th grade and the hectic routine further added on to her stress and other symptoms. Over the time there has been many doctors we had visited, countless home remedies we had tried. Sneha. not being fussy (kind), started feeling helpless. We were then referred to AyurVAID hospital by an allopathic doctor. The appointment/registration process was seamless. Right from our first consultation with Dr.Krishnan Pisharody and his team, Sneha felt at ease. The supporting physicians went through her concerns in details, inquiried about various factors that could be attributing to her challenges. We were totally convinced by the prescribed treatment. She has taken a treatment that went for 7 days. Initially, we were confused about the logistics of how to commute, how to arrange for her stay here along with a family member and so on. It is amazing that the whole process went so smooth with the wonderful help and warm support extended by each and every member of the hospital. The room, toilets, bed are quite neat and comfortable. We really appreciate the periodic visits made by Dr.Zankhana BuchDr.Krishnan Pisharody and the other supporting physicians. Every concern and query of ours was patiently heard and addressed. Thank you all for the great support to my daughter and our family as a whole…Thanks once again. We strongly recommend AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar to all.

14 yr old Ms.S I wanted to go back to last year when I followed a routine my parents told me to and thought this would take long to be reversed. It annoyed me in class, and we came to AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar after it (was) recommended by my aunt. In 7 days, the did so much I couldn’t thank them enough. I have no fear of sitting in class whatever time of the day anymore as my mothers says, am more energetic and cheerful than before. Right from the beginning after everything was explained scientifically, it didn’t feel like a hospital here. The supporting physicians checked on me everyday, and I felt better two into the treatment.Dr. Zankhana Buch and Dr. Krishnan Pisharody have suggested a practical routine and diet much simpler. I really appreciate all the Akkas who brought food and medicine throughout the week.

Thank you so very much AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar for making me go back in time, like in Doctor Who!

- Mrs.RV & Ms.S, Bangalore

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