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Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur, Bangalore

I am Priyanka (name changed), a 22 yrs old female first year law student and a resident of Calcutta. I was suffering from severe pain in lower abdomen during my periods; irregular periods and chronic constipation from childhood and have been treated by gynaecologist for the last six years. I have underwent laparoscopy two times, once in 2009 for appendix and right ovarian dermoid cyst and next in 2012 during which it was diagnosed that I have Grade 2 Pelvic adhesion. My doctors had advised tab Novelon for my irregular and painful periods, continuously for six months and then withdrawal. But, I withdrew within three months. During my periods of six to seven days I had to take 40 – 42 injections (Tramazac & Decolic injections) for my severe pain.

A family friend referred Dr.Zankhana Buch. During consultation, she convinced me that I will be fine and get back to normal soon. During treatment, she advised me to consult with surgeon so that we can get the expert view of Allopathy as a combination of Allopathy and Ayurveda may help me get the best possible result. I spent four weeks in AyurVAID Hospitals and my health is really improving with constipation almost clear and gradual reduction of the stretching pain in lower abdomen. I am very pleased and happy with the excellent treatment and care given to me. The hospital is well ventilated and hygienic, the doctors are wonderful and caring, and the caregivers are hard-working.

After treatment at AyurVAID Hospital, I have gained confidence, and I am hopeful of living a normal again life I lived before. I am indeed thankful to doctors and staff of AyurVAID Hospital. Thank you, AyurVAID.

- Priyanka

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