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I regularly call my friends and family to tell them about AyurVAID

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, AACIM

I found out about AyurVAID from my husband. He came to Aster Medcity (2015) for a medical checkup and met a doctor from this department who recommended taking treatment. He told me that it might be the solution to my joint and body pain.

For the past 10 years I have been suffering from pain (in) all my joints and body. I have been unable to properly do household works and even if I did some work I would (need) a full day rest.

I have taken other treatments numerous times, mostly just oral medicines. None of the treatments had a lasting relief for the problems. Even though treatment is not over completely I feel so much better. I do not feel the joint aches and I do not find it hard to get up in the morning. I can’t say for sure until I go back and get about my daily life, but I am very positive about the treatment’s success.

Even now I regularly call my friends and family to tell them about AyurVAID. There are some people I know who suffer from similar problems. I have recommended AyurVAID to them. The kind heartedness of the people who work here has been much more important to me than the treatment itself. Gopik, Janu and Vidhya have been nothing less than like sisters to me. I felt no hesitation being with them for treatments because they were so nice, and I trusted them completely. In my time here Dr. Kunju Lakshmy has always checked on me and fulfilled the role of a mother. Dr. Anil has also been very supportive throughout and a very kind hearted person. Even the other departments at the hospital have been very helpful in the instance when I had to go there. I would just like to thank everyone who works in this departments, janitors, nurses, and doctors for being the nicest people.

Thank YOU…..

- AM Maldives

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