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AyurVAID Cured My Mother's Chronic Joint Pain

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Background to Patient’s Health: Pramila, aged 45 years, consulted AyurVAID seeking treatment for severe Joint pains and was under the care of Dr. Zankhana

Hear it from the patient:

Thank you so much. My mother Pramila M (45) was suffering from (multiple muscle-bone-joint) and Orthopedic problems since four years. We met many doctors during this period. But, it was first of its kind experience at AyurVAID Clinics, be it the doctors or the staff. I would love to thank each and every one of the staff of the hospital for relieving my mother of her pains. Special thanks to Dr.Zankhana and Dr.Sruthi., whose care and concern has improved my mother’s health in a positive way. I would also like to thank the girls who helped my mother in the treatment room. Excellent Staff. AryuVAID has made a great impact in my mother’s life. There is no limit to my thanks. Thank you for bettering my mother’s (health conditions). Thank you everyone. Thank you Dr.Zankhana and Dr.Sruthi, love you both for caring for my mother sooo… much…. 🙂 🙂 <3

Patient Outcome Pramila had remarkable difference and was no more in pain

- Vidya, 20 yrs

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