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The impact is tremendous

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Background on the patient’s health: Gopinath sought the help of AyurVAID for treatment of vertigo and was under the care of Dr. Ajith Kumar.

Hear it from the patient

I have been suffering from Vertigo since many years. I was on modern medicine. But recently I found my bouts increasing. I approached Dr.Ajith of AyurVAID after knowing about the Hospital from the web. I feel much better, and I am free of my bouts. The best part is my treatment was in continuation to my tablets as per allopathic prescription. The impact of both together is remarkable.

Thank you. Dr.Ajith Kumar

Patient Outcome: The patient has tremendous improvement from Vertigo and related bouts.

- Gopinath, 52 yrs

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