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My Dad was Abusive, But AyurVAID Calmed & Cured Him

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur, Bangalore

I admitted my father for treatment of psychiatric, neuro issues. He also had diabetes for 20 years that had never gone down below 250. Under Dr.Ajith’s supervision and Dr.Priya and Dr.Ivy’s care, his diabetes got to normal and the insulin dosage was reduced from 22 units to 12.

Bottom line of the treatment was that Ayurveda works and the team at AyurVAID Hospitals Domlur made me believe in it.

My dad is showing very good sign of psychological and neuro recovery as well, and I am very hopeful and positive about the outcome in the coming months.

I want to thank the caregivers for being so humble, patient, and nice to us, even when my dad was abusive. Thanks to the pantry staff for providing such delicious yet healthy food. Thanks to the nurses for being spot on time and encouraging my dad.

In the end, we all need a little belief, a little positivity that things can get better. I want to thank Dr.Ajith’s and AyurVAID for instilling the same positivity in me and my family. Thank you.

- SG, Bangalore

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