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FREEDOM from Facial Palsy

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

I was suffering from facial paralysis, wherein the left part of my face was inactive, and I could not move my left eyebrows, eyelids and left part of my lips. My condition was pathetic, and I had no hope of regaining my original condition. Desperately, I came to AyurVAID where my treatment for 10 days commenced the same day.

Day by day I could feel the improvement over the movements of my facial muscles and gradually even the pain was reducing. Personal attention and care was given to me with clear understanding. By day 9 I could experience a lot of difference, and I was now able to move my entire face normally!

I was advised properly about the further medicines and precautions to be taken. The treatment really worked effectively.

AyurVAID feels like a second home right from the first consultation till the end of the treatment. A feeling of personal attention and care was given to me with clear understanding.

Thanks for bringing back a smile on my face and wish that AyurVAID makes many more patients’ SMILE!

- Ms. Vidya

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