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She Found The Answer for Parkinsons at AyurVAID

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

I am KP. My native is Bihar. I am suffering from hand tremors, and stiffness of the neck and foot. First I went to NIMHANS. They told me I have a mental problem. But, I was feeling very weak and suffering from some disease or the other. Doctors said I was suffering from Parkinsons. Then I came to AyurVAID Hospitals Ramamurthynagar and met Dr.Zankhana Buch. My health is day by day improving, and then I decided to take full Ayurveda treatment.

After 21 days treatment, I am feeling good. The staff at AyurVAID Hospitals Ramamurthynagar were very helpful and careful. The way of treatment is very good. My suggestion to everybody is to come to AyurVAID Hospitals Ramamurthynagar and try its treatments.

- KP, Bihar

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