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Trust Ayurveda, Get Lasting Relief, It is Not Slow

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I am Deepika, 22 years old. I have completed my B Com, and I am stepping toward MBA.Due to (my) present food habit(s) and lifestyle, I have been suffering from chronic constipation and PCOD. Initially thought of consulting Allopathy but (feared) that may lead to infertility in future. So my mother suggested to Ayurveda which (helps) keep away from injections and chemical tablets, and through which the root cause of my condition can be treated.

I have undergone a treatment in AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar as suggested by Dr. Zankhana Buch and my problem got solved in just 11 days.

I am very thankful to Dr. Zankhana Buch, Dr. Laya Prakash, Dr.Krishnan, trainee Dr.Acharya and AyurVAID’s entire team for guiding and taking care. other treatments numerous times, mostly just oral medicines.

Many people have a myth that Ayurveda is slow, which takes years in providing relief. That is a wrong though. Trust it. People don’t need instant relief. But, relief that last a lifetime.

Thank U AyurVAID!

- Ms.D, Bangalore

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