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Remarkable Recovery and Exemplary Care: My Journey at AyurVAID Hospital, Ramamurthy Nagar

Location: Apollo AyurVAID, Hebbal, Bangalore

I Ms. Usha Ramesh would like to share a wonderful experience here of my stay in the Ayurvaid hospital Rammurthy nagar centre. I got myself admitted in this centre for taking treatment for my spine fracture. I was there for 18 days. What an excellent treatment i got from Dr Sushma , i can’t explain. She is a real genius. She listened to my problems with great patience and further explained the line of treatment to me in great detail.she not only treated my main problem also took care of my other peripheral issues and cured those as well.
Now i am back home with 90% cure. At this juncture i would like to mention about the entire team of hospital which includes,the duty doctor Adnan, the highly dedicated girls ( Shiva,Abhirami, Amritha )who were all following the instructions of the doctors and carrying out the treatment extremely well. I fail my duty if i don’t mention the very efficient team of people who were in the reception counter( Ms. Neelima, Ms. Ramya , Ms. Bindhu etc) and also the boys who were delivering things to my room on dot.i have not seen this kind of dedication of each and every person even in big hospitals. When i got discharged, i didn’t have the feeling of that i am coming out of the hospital, that much positive energy they have spread it on me and sent me home.
Another great experience i got here was, the webinar session which was conducted through zoom meeting by Rajiv vasudeavan ( CEO of ayurvaid hospitals) for the in patients to understand more about ayurvedic treatment and also to know the importance of panchkarma treatment . It was a very interesting , informative and interactive session where i got lot of insight about ayurvedic treatment. These kind of experience we can’t get even in so called big hospitals.
At one sentence I can conclude
Excellent treatment and great experience.
God bless them all to continue to do this kind of service to the humanity.

- Usha Ramesh

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