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Revitalized by Compassionate Care: My AyurVAID Journey at Ramamurthy Nagar

Location: Apollo AyurVAID, Hebbal, Bangalore

My experience at this facility was exceptional. Initially, I received a diagnosis for multiple health issues in allopathic medicine, which led to a recommendation for lifelong medication. Seeking an alternative, I turned to AyurVAID for potential solutions.

Under the guidance of Dr. Sushma, I felt truly heard and understood as she attentively listened to my health challenges. Her suggested treatment plan is playing a vital role in my road to recovery, it also gave a positive outlook that contrasted with my prior experiences where doctors, who seemed dismissive of my concerns.

I believe that actively listening to patients and offering transparent explanations for treatment plans is crucial. Throughout my treatment, the compassionate and professional staff, including Dr. Adnan and Dr. Megala, provided dedicated care. They addressed my daily needs, clarified treatment queries, and guided me on the prescribed diet.

The Panchakarma treatments were administered skillfully and considerately by individuals like Nithin, Benson, Blesson, Jiku, and Pradeep, among others. Their expertise, knowledge, and compassionate approach ensured my comfort and steady progress.

Furthermore, the hospital staff extended their assistance even in matters related to insurance, further underscoring their helpfulness and commitment to patient well-being.

- Sujith Surendran

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