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Revolutionary Relief: Overcoming Diabetic Challenges and Kidney Stones with Ayurveda at AyurVAID

Location: Apollo AyurVAID, Hebbal, Bangalore

I started my consultation at Ayurvaid in December 2021. After being affected by Covid, I underwent a full body check-up, which revealed that my HbA1c level was 11.8. For a normal person, it should be less than 5.9. An allopathic doctor even prescribed insulin due to my high HbA1c level. This is when I decided to seek diabetic treatment at Ayurvaid. After 15 days of treatment and regular intake of Ayurvedic medicine, my HbA1c level decreased to 6.8 within a year. When I shared this result with the allopathic doctor, he found it difficult to believe that such a significant reduction was possible within a year and suggested running the tests again.

The second issue I faced was a kidney stone. I was admitted to allopathic hospitals twice to clear the stone that was stuck in the ureter. On both occasions, the allopathic doctor claimed to have blasted and cleared the stone. However, every time I underwent an independent scan, a 5.6 mm stone was still found in the kidney. One of the allopathic doctors even accidentally ruptured my ureter while attempting to remove the stone. I had to undergo a 10-day treatment to heal the rupture. Unfortunately, this rupture has resulted in a lifelong stricture in my ureter, causing constant hydro-nephrosis.

The problem of kidney stones started in 2016, and I had been dealing with them consistently since then. It initially started in my left kidney and eventually affected my right kidney as well. With Ayurvedic treatment, the stone in my right kidney completely disappeared. However, the left kidney stone continued to be a problem.

Dr. Sushma at Ayurvaid, upon learning about my long-standing issue with kidney stones, assured me that she could eliminate the left kidney stone measuring 5.9 mm within a month. Thanks to her treatment, there are now no traces of the stone in my left kidney. The doctor who conducted the scan was surprised to find no sign of a kidney stone measuring 5.9 mm. I am grateful to Dr. Sushma and Ayurvaid for providing relief from a problem that had been troubling me for nearly 7 years.

If you or someone you know is suffering from kidney stones or any other long-term ailment where allopathic doctors claim it cannot be treated, I highly recommend considering Ayurvedic treatment, especially Ayurvaid, to help alleviate the pain and avoid unnecessary expenses.

- Sandeep P R

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