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Childbirth Through AYURVEDA

Location: AyurVAID Hospital, Domlur, Bangalore

We waited for 10 years, with our hopes gradually dissipating. My health started failing me, and I told my husband, “I do not want a child.”

I went to the US right after my marriage. At that time, I was suffering from irregular menstrual cycles, with heavy bleeding and terrible cramps. In fact, there were times when my periods continued for 15 days. My husband and I dreamed of having a baby, but unfortunately, my body didn’t allow it. When we consulted a doctor in the US, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Uterine Polyp. I underwent a surgery to get the polyp removed and started medications for hormonal treatment, which, according to the doctors, would help me conceive. My periods, however, were as irregular as before and due to incessant bleeding, I became anemic.

My health started dwindling. I had to take numerous medicines and I put on a lot of weight. My mental state worsened. During this time, we moved to India for personal reasons. I continued with my treatment here, but in vain. When nothing worked, the doctors advised me to go for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). But within a few weeks, I had an abortion. When I tried it again, I had a second abortion. It broke my heart.

I had fissure, headache, joint pain and my weight kept shooting up even though I ate almost nothing. It was a tough time for us.

After almost eight years of continuing a chain of treatments with no success, we learnt about AyurVaid Hospitals. I had read about Ayurveda and decided to give it a shot. By this time, I had lost all hopes of ever conceiving and all I wanted was to get my health back. We saw the doctor and told her about our condition. She gave me a few medicines and asked me to come back after 15 days. At that time, my father met with an accident and I had to miss my appointment with the doctor. I went back to her after 3 months, and I was advised to get Panchakarma treatment to remove all toxins from my body that had accumulated due to the umpteen medicines that I had taken.

I followed the diet regulations prescribed by the doctor and took all my medicines religiously. And guess what, I conceived within 6 MONTHS of starting the treatment! It was a miracle. We were ecstatic! I suffered no complications during pregnancy and followed the doctor’s advice carefully. The doctor would listen to me patiently and gave me an explanation to everything. She counseled me when I was emotionally weak. I started understanding my body better – thanks to her.

My son was born 2.9 kilograms, healthy, with chubby and rosy cheeks. My mother often jokes that the Ayurvedic Churna that I used to take during pregnancy is the secret behind my baby’s radiant complexion. My son is almost 3 now. His name is Daasharathy- it means “Son of Dashrath”, or “Rama”.

There are so many women who have gone through or are going through what I had to. We seldom understand that most of our ailments might be side effects of the numerous medicines that we take.

My family now follows only Ayurvedic diet and routine, and we can feel the difference in us, both mentally and physically.

We are truly an Ayurvedic family!

- Shruthi Govind Raja, Hosur, Bengaluru

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