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Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis, Gastric Issues and Hypertension

I want to put it on record the professionalism and zeal exhibited by Dr. Zankhana and her team of therapists who treated me for some of my medical complications. Given that this is my first foray into Ayurveda form of treatment, I must admit I came in with very limited hope and expectations.

However, answers to any questions I had were given in terms I could comprehend. My doctor visits were at a consistent time of day, and the therapists and support staff were prompt to respond and monitor all aspects of my medical needs.

In addition, I was very impressed with the dignity and respect the therapists extended to me regardless of the noob questions I regularly asked. Specifically, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Samson and Mr. Srikanth exhibited uncompromising integrity and commitment to the treatment. There was a time when I had asked them to finish the treatment sooner, however they ensured that every aspect of the treatment was given to me and there was not a hint of shoddiness, and I am amazed with the level of commitment. They consistently checked if I was comfortable during the course of treatment. Also, the level of hygiene was impeccable. The treatment table was thoroughly washed, cleaned and sanitized after each procedure and gave me a sense of confidence when I lay there every time I came for a treatment Kindness and professional treatment also came through my door with the early morning administering of medication (when I was admitted), food delivery staff, volunteers, and the cleaning staff, who asked how I was feeling each day. A wave, wish or smile made me feel like everyone was pulling for my recovery.

These days we often hear not-so-nice comments of medical treatments. Well, not this time. These men and women, many of whom work long shifts, are invaluable to our community each and every day. Thank you so much!

- Mr.Kannan

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