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Ayurveda@AyurVAID Helps Australian Overcome Stroke

Location: AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur, Bangalore

I am from Melbourne (Australia). I would like to thank you and your team members personally for their loving care and encouragement to me during my entire stay at this hospital.

I really appreciate your quick ability to make decisions regarding patients, and you have a great team member who love the work that they do selflessly give everything they have in them to take almost care of the patients.

I came here to AyurVAID Hospitals for treatment for stroke. I was admitted for one month for Symptoms like weakness in right half of body, slurred speech, and difficulty in swallowing, walking, occasional twitching of muscles.

After treatment there is tremendous improvement in walking, usage of right hand, clarity in speech, food intake from liquid diet improved to semi solid food.

Dr.Radhika Varma was very accurate in decision-making regarding the problem and her advice was remarkable. Dr.Harsha, Dr. Surya and all the staff took great care. Medicines and food were timely given.

It’s my prayer that Jesus bless the labor of all your hands and may he bring healing to all those who come to this hospital. At the close I would like to thank all those members who were behind the scene like the cooks, security guards, the receptionist and all other doctors, managers & lay workers who cleaned the rooms.

May God bless you all as you strive together to bring healing to all the people.

I thank you for all your encouragement support and advice.

- Mrs.RX

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