The Appetite Workout & Metabolism- the Ayurveda perspective

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Key points from the NYT The Appetite Workout Article:

1. Exercise often produces little or no weight loss — and even weight gain because it affects how one’s body ‘interacts’ with food. Not only amount of calories burnt but also affects secretion of hormones.

2. Both Ghrelin or ‘hunger’ hormone as well as several ‘Satiety’ hormones secreted. The satiety hormones, only recently discovered and still not well understood, tell the body that it can stop eating.

3. Satiety hormones secreted far more when running/jogging than when walking.

4. Sedentary, overweight men and women have their appetite regulation out of sync

5. Takes several months of regular exercise to get this ‘regulator’ in fine tune

NET-NET: be aware of what affects your hunger level and not simply eat until hunger is satiated. Running better than walking for attaining appetite control.

From an Ayurveda perspective, RESPECT your ‘AGNI’.

When your Agni is balanced both appetite as well as amount of calories burnt will be optimal. Ayurveda is perhaps one of the only systems of medicine that in targeted systematic fashion gets one’s appetite control mechanism in fine tune. More on this in time to come.

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Table of Contents
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