Patient Information

A 16 years old female, apparently normal; noticed following complaints abruptly in the morning:

1. Bright purple rashes over skin in the lower limbs and back
2. Bleeding from oral cavity and umbilicus

Clinical Status

Condition at the time of admission

GC: Stable, Afebrile;
Weight: 40 kg;
Blood Pressure: 120/74 mm of Hg.
Pulse: 76 beats /min

Clinical Examination:

PA:Soft, non-tender, No Organomegaly

CVS: S1, S2 heard


Diagnosis: Thrombocytopenia
Condition at the time of admission

  • Prakriti- Pitta Kapha
  • Sara- Mamsa Sara
  • Samhanana- Madhyam
  • Pramana- Madhyam
  • Satva- Avara
  • Satmya- RookshaSatmya
  • Ahara Shakti- Madhyama
  • Vyayam Shakti- Avara
  • Vaya- Youvana
Diagnosis: TiryakRaktapitta
Duration of Treatment- 7 days, in-patient

Preliminary Treatments:
1. Kavalam as Sthanik Chikitsa with YastimadhuKwatha for oral bleeding – 5 days.

Main Treatment:
1 Sadyo Virechana with AvipattikaraChoorna – 30 gm on the same day of 1st visit,
2. Takradhara- 4 days

Post Main Treatment:
1. Pathyaahaara, Vihara, Aushadha

Internal medication:
1. DrakshadiKashayam 3 tsf + 9 tsf boiled and cooled water twice daily on empty stomach.
2. Styplon 1 cap TID after food
3. MahathiktakamGhritam 1 tsf at bed time with Luke warm water.
OutcomesBefore TreatmentAfter Treatment
Clinical Signs and symptoms:

• Petechial
• Mucosal Bleeding- Oral Cavity and Umbilicus
1. Rashes over skin in the lower limbs and back
2. Bleeding in oral cavity and umbilicus
3. Generalised weakness
4. Excess of Trishna (thirst)
5. Loss of appetite
1. Rashes absent
2. Bleeding stopped completely
3. Strength restored
4. Trishna normalised
5. Appetite improved
Vital ParametersBP-90/70 mm of Hg
BP-90/70 mm of Hg
Lab investigations-
Platelet Counts
CBC – Normal
Platelet count - 0.05 lakhs/
CBC – Normal
Platelet count–
0.93 lakhs/cu mm on 3rd day of treatment.
1.5 lakhs/ on 5th day
1.83 lakhs/ on discharge (7th) day:

Present case clearly indicates the effectiveness of classical Ayurveda management of an acute condition like thrombocytopenia in a short period of 3 -7 days.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person