VCCIRCLE HealthCare Awards 2013

AyurVAID Hospitals is proud winner of the 'Most Promising Healthcare Startup' at the VCCircle Healthcare Awards, 2013.

An honor and a recognition that we should tremendously value since it comes from VC Circle (, one of the most credible financial media houses in the country and the leader in a most influential segment- the elite investment community. That the award was given by an eminent award jury of eminent healthcare industry leaders and AyurVAID was chosen from amongst an elite panel of co-nominees shortlisted- Glocal Hospitals and Embrace- indicates the authenticity and value of this award.

I see this award as clear indication of the fact that the potential role of classical Ayurveda to transform healthcare delivery by offering root cause solutions for diseases is finally becoming recognised by mainstream industry. And, that the market and business environment is ready for mainstream acceptance of Ayurveda.

Through this award, we also see a clear endorsement for AyurVAID's approach to quality systems driven yet uncompromisingly pure Ayurveda chikitsa. This is another historic milestone set for the Ayurveda sector by AyurVAID.

The award was received by AyurVAID Director, Ms. Karuna Jain, in Mumbai at the Awards function held on 26th September, 2013.

My personal gratitude to each one of you who has believed and stood alongside, shoulder to shoulder, as we walked along this path...sometimes sustained only by faith and nothing more. Thank you. We have still a long way to go and I will be calling upon you to do your very best, without excuse or justification. We have a great responsibility thrust upon us..of upholding pure Ayurveda and making it a mainstream system of medicine in our country. We cannot rest.

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