What to Expect

AyurVAID uniformly offers trustworthy and rigorous Ayurveda Medicare across Bangalore, Cochin and Kumaon (Himalayas). We have two, one 30 bed and another 15 bed, premium AyurVAID Hospitals in Bangalore; an Eight Cottage Healing Destination AyurVAID-Kalmatia in Kumaon (Himalayas); and two exclusive facilities in Cochin, one a 12 bed AyurVAID Hospitals in Kadavanthara, the heart of Cochin, and the 15 bed Aster AyurVAID Centre for Integrated Medicine in the futuristic Aster Medcity. In addition we have two day-care AyurVAID Clinics in Bangalore.

Our senior physicians are available for a preliminary consultation via online chat, phone, e-mail or skype prior to your arrival – here we’ll determine and discuss the contours of a treatment program customised to your health needs and will support you in your decision-making.

Please note that all visitors need to obtain a visa for India prior to arrival, except neighbouring citizens of Nepal and Bhutan.

Message to our patients:

As a patient at AyurVAID, you have every right to feel comfortable in our hospital. The staff and personnel in and around are all trained to communicate in English and can take care of any needs or requests you may have. Right from the nurses to the cleaners at our medical facilities, you can be sure that you will have no problems in speaking to anyone during your time here.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person