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The word 'abhyanga' itself means ‘to massage’. Special type of oil massage in which strokes are given according to the needs for about 45 minutes.

Abhyanga is done with a combination of specially prepared Ayurvedic herbal oils and applied all over the body stimulating the vital points. This is very good for the general health of the skin and prevents early aging and relieves muscular aches and pain. Massage also makes the skin smooth and makes it shine. Persons, who take a massage regularly, recover from injuries faster. Those who regularly massage experience the process of healing immediately and they face comparatively less pain.

After the massage herbal steam bath is also given. Abhyangam can increase the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies, which provide more resistance against viruses and diseases. This helps the defense mechanism in the body and increases immunity towards environmental changes.

In this way abhyangam massage is a protector, preserver and a rejuvenator, increasing self-confidence and will power. To massage is to exercise the nervous system. The patient reclines in seven standard positions. This begins with the person seated in an upright position, supine or flat on the back, turning to the right side, supine again, turning to the left side, supine once again, and finally sitting as in the beginning. Sometimes the position of lying face down is also adopted.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person