Cancer Rehabilitation

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer Rehabilitation
What can you expect from AyurVAID’s Cancer Rehabilitation Program?



AyurVAID’s Integrated Cancer Rehabilitation Program (ICRP) is built on a foundation of classical Ayurveda management that addresses primary as well as secondary (metastatic) cancers.


ICRP focuses on palliative care to improve the patient’s ‘Quality of Life’. Classical Ayurveda therapies are appropriately integrated with the primary management of cancer to alleviate acute side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to enhance functional health and overall sense of welbeing. Further, the motivation levels of the patient and his/her family are enhanced thereby minimizing patient default.


The integrated and holistic approach adopted under the ICRP results in an individualized program that includes customized diet-lifestyle-medicine-treatments prescription.


The cancer rehabilitation program at AyurVAID is delivered by a medical team comprising of experienced Ayurveda post-graduate physicians and nursing staff who are oriented and trained to respond to the unique needs of cancer patients. The Ayurveda medical team is supported by a MBBS, DNB.(Psychiatry) doctor who is specially certified in cancer palliative care from the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC).

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