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“AyurVAID's Diabetes Reversal Program offers established Outcomes. We Diagnose the Precise Disease Status and Evolve Accurate Treatment Plans. Through Ayurveda, We Treat the Root Cause of Your Diabetes - Correct the Metabolism & Reduce Insulin Resistance. We offer Authenticated outcomes & Control through Personalized Diet, Lifestyle, Classical Ayurveda Medicines and Therapies."

With Ayurveda’s root-cause focus, AyurVAID simultaneously treats the symptoms and the underlying cause of Diabetes Mellitus, commonly referred to as Diabetes, naturally, with the help of safe and time tested processes. AyurVAID treats Diabetes & Diabetes Complications through Panchakarma and other classical Ayurvedic therapies and medicines, transformed into time bound personalized treatment plans. AyurVAID reverses Pre-Diabetes, and provides guaranteed outcomes through our Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 treatment programs, apart from preventing Diabetes Complications including Glaucoma, Retinopathy, Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Neuropathy and Non-Healing wounds based on precision application of Ayurveda principles and processes.

Our Ayurveda regime, rather than just handle the Diabetes symptoms, reduces insulin resistance and ensures effective utilization of glucose, making sure that the sugar levels in the body is in optimum balance and cardio-metabolic risk factors are alleviated. This AyurVAID approach followed by our hospitals in Bangalore, Kerala and Kalmatia (The Himalayas) in India also enables treatment of Hypoglycemia and Diabetic Neuropathy treatments, as the microvascular complications of diabetes is what leads to problems with the eyes (retinopathy or cataracts), kidneys (nephropathy), and nerves (neuropathy).

Other conditions related to Diabetes treated through Ayurveda at AyurVAID include:

  • Ayuracanthosis Nigricans - A skin condition characterized by darkened skin patches, seen in people who have pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes.

  • Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) - A condition of the shoulder associated with diabetes those results in pain and loss of the ability to move the shoulder in all directions.

  • Albuminuria - A condition in which the urine has more than normal amounts of a protein called albumin. Albuminuria may be a sign of nephropathy (kidney disease).

  • Arteriosclerosis - Hardening of the arteries.

  • Atherosclerosis - Clogging, narrowing and hardening of the body's large arteries and medium-sized blood vessels. Atherosclerosis can lead to stroke, heart attack, eye problems and kidney problems.

  • Autoimmune Disease - Disorder of the body's immune system in which the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys body tissue that it believes to be foreign.

  • Bunion - A bulge on the first joint of the big toe, caused by the swelling of a fluid sac under the skin. This spot can become red, sore and infected.

  • Charcot's foot - A condition in which the joints and soft tissue in the foot are destroyed; it results from damage to the nerves.

  • Diabetic Diarrhea - Loose motion, result from an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine and diabetic neuropathy in the intestines. This nerve damage can also result in constipation.

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis - An emergency condition with extremely high blood glucose levels. Untreated DKA can lead to coma and death.

  • Diabetic Mastopathy - A rare fibrous lump on breast, condition occurring in women.

  • Diabetic Myelopathy - Damage to the spinal cord found in some people with diabetes.

  • Dupuytren's contracture - A condition associated with diabetes in which the fingers and the palm of the hand thicken and shorten, causing the fingers to curve inward.

  • Edema - Swelling caused by excess fluid in the body.

Ayurveda, gravely misunderstood to be home remedies, considers Diabetes under the group of urinary disorders mentioned under Prameha. Madhu Meha is proximately correlated with Diabetes mellitus. Other types of Diabetes are designated as per the 19 other types of Prameha. And all these conditions are treated at AyurVAID through regulations through Aahara (Diet), Vihara (Lifestyle) Oushada (Medicine) and Kriya (Therapy). AyurVAID, with our treatment regime, is in the forefront of Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment, Bangalore, Kochi and Kalmatia.

* Outcomes may vary from person to person