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Cashless Medical Insurance


AyurVAID is a leading Insurance Approved Ayurveda Hospital for Cashless Treatments. We are empanelled with all the major health insurance companies and TPAs, and they cover the treatments provided at AyurVAID Hospitals.

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Asthma (correlated to Santamaka Swasa)

Due to inhalation of dust or smoke, seasonal, poor diet or Dhatu Kshaya (tissue depletion in a post-infectious state), the Vata dosha gets vitiated, accumulating in Vaksha Pradesha (the chest region) through Pranavaha Srotas (respiratory tract). This, in turn, aggrevates the Kapha dosha thereby causing difficulty in breathing. This condition is called Santamaka Swasa - a type of Tamaka Swasa (bronchial asthma).

  • Labored Breathing
  • A feeling of tightness in the chest
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty inhaling and exhaling
  • Noisy breathing ("wheezing")
  • Up-rolling of eyes
  • Sweating over face
  • Anxious look
  • Dryness of face
  • Feeling especially comfortable in warm conditions / worsening of the condition in cold environments

Vamana is the primary treatment for Santamaka Swasa (correlated to bronchial asthma), involving induced vomiting. While medications are necessary throughout the treatment process, just medicines are not enough. By using Vamana, our Physicians work to expel the accumulated waste (vitiated Kapha in the chest area) and to re-balance the doshas. Preparatory (Purvakarma) treatments for this condition typically include oil application therapies (both internal and external) and medicated steam. Accompanying internal medicines are also prescribed to increase the digestive fire (Deepana) and burn waste (Ama Pachana).

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person