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AyurVAID treatment for Psoriasis and Diabetes mellitus

Our Ayurveda case studies are the first-line evidence in Ayurveda medical literature as they present the original observations from our Ayurveda practitioners.

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Brief Medical History

A 56-year-old female patient walked into Apollo AyurVAID with the complaints of blackish scaly skin lesions along with burning sensations. She also had itching in the extensor aspect of upper and lower limbs for over a year. Other ailments included constipation, general debility and weakness.

In view of her symptoms and condition, Apollo AyurVAID decided to use the treatment of ‘Kitibha with Prameha’ for a period of 12 days along with a duration of follow up that would last for three months.

The medical strategy adopted included:

  • Bahu doshavastha, Shareerasodhana in the form of Aarohana snehapaanam followed by Virechana.
  • This was followed by Bahya Chikitsa like takra dhara in the preview of both Prameha and Kitibha.
  • Internal medication on regular follow-up basis with a view of sthoka dosa nirharana was done for betterment in order to prevent remission in the future.
  • Patient was advised to continue the Allopathic OHD for Glycemic control.


The treatment was a success and at the time of discharge the patient was asymptomatic, while her general health had also improved. There were vast improvements in the patient’s skin condition and she no longer reported itching and burning sensations.


Findings & Conclusions:

Skin complaints are generally considered to be chronic in nature requiring long term treatment and also the chances for remission is very high. So regular review along with strict pathya (congenial diet regimen) as prescribed by the medical team is expected to yield better results and also prevent the remission of complaints in the future.

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