AyurVAID’s treatment for Parkinson’s disease and other chronic disorders

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Brief Medical History

A 76-year-old male patient walked into AyurVAID with the complaints of pain on his lower back as well as the lower regions of both limbs for over five years. The patient was unable to walk for a month on account of severe swelling on both legs. He also suffered from tremors in his limbs for well over five years coupled with slurred speech.

In view of his symptoms and condition, AyurVAID decided to use a range of treatments including Kampa vata, Prameham, Vyana prabala, Hridroga and Vrukka roga. The treatments were performed over a period of 9 days along with the duration of follow-up lasting for six months.

The medical strategy adopted included:

  • Sophahara and Kaphavatahara chikitsa like dhanyamla dhara were used to manage the swelling in the lower limbs, pain on the low back region and difficulty in walking.
  • The treatment also included internal medications for the management of associated complaints.

The treatment was a success and at the time of discharge the patient had registered a complete reduction in swelling. He was also able to walk without support while the pain in his lower back had reduced considerably following treatment. Following discharge the patient was reviewed with regular pathya to ensure his return to health.

Findings & Conclusions:

Extra pyramidal disorders like Parkinson’s disease and other chronic disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac pathologies, Renal pathologies, etc. are said to show good outcomes with Ayurvedic treatment along with specific allopathic interventions. Ayurvedic medication is known to aid the management of residual symptoms and adverse drug effect caused due to long term allopathic medication.

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