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Our World is passing through an unprecedented crisis: the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a disease with no definitive cure yet and simultaneously with high risk of transmission and mortality. A scary scenario to say the least when one lives with the fear of contracting the disease and not being sure if the symptoms are just waiting to happen. Out of the people contracted,

  • 80% shall remain asymptomatic or develop only mild-moderate symptoms of the COVID-19 disease including breathlessness, dry cough, fever, body-pain, loss of smell, sore throat, fatigue, etc. and recover from the disease (ASYMPTOMATIC-MILD-MODERATE SEVERITY or STAGE 1)
  • 20% may graduate to acute symptoms arising from an attack on the lungs including Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(HIGH SEVERITY), and ~3% may succumb (CRITICAL SEVERITY).
  • Most vulnerable segments include Persons > 60 Years of age, people with Lung Disease, Diabetes, BP, Obesity implying Underlying Inflammation and Poor Metabolism, Immuno-compromised, Lower and/or Upper Respiratory Tract infection present/history etc.
  • The permanent solution is expected to be adaptive immunity around the following which can take upto 18 months, either through vaccines or herd immunity
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The Unaddressed Problem:

  • If I am not infected today, but tomorrow or the days after, to what Stage (I, II, III) am I likely to progress to in terms of response-recovery from disease? (asymptomatic-mild-moderate, severe complications, death)
  • Is there a tool available for me to know my Risk without expensive lab tests done repeatedly?
  • In the event I have the risk of progressing to Stage III or Stage II, can I do something about it today so that I recover at Stage I itself?

AyurVAID C-ARM assesses risk uniquely and suggests personalized Risk Reduction, as applicable. We have systematically correlated disease information (research articles and guidelines from WHO, CDC, and MoHFW-India) with Ayurveda medical science to define 9 patient-profiles with distinct pathways for the COVID-19 disease to take root and develop within the human body based on relative absence or presence of defining parameters for patient vulnerability.

C-ARM is a comprehensive COVID-19 specific health management platform starting from personal health risk assessment and going beyond to life cycle preventive health management. It enables a significantly higher level of protection by guiding the person to building an overall stronger defense to illness and to respiratory infections (related to COVID-19) in particular.

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Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person