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Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are painful cracks or tears in the anus, the opening through which stool passes out of the body. They are caused by stretching and straining of anal tissue during bowel movements, often due to constipation or hard, large stools. In severe cases, the fissure may become chronic and lead to complications like sentinel piles or spasms. Conventional treatments include topical medications, stool softeners, sitz baths, botulinum toxin injections, dilation, or even surgery. Ayurveda recommends internal medication and topical ointment application to prevent further irritation and promote healing.

Outcomes of Lumbar Pain with Kerala Ayurveda

Significant reduction in pain levels

Improved mobility

Facilitate sensory and motor stimulation

Increased flexibility 

Increased muscular strength

Improved circulation

Improved quality of life 

Reduced dependency on pain medication 

Outcomes of Anal Fissures with Kerala Ayurveda

High Success Rate
Minimally Invasive
Minimal Pain and
Effective in
Complex Cases
Reduced Recurrence
Preservation of Sphincter Function
High Success Rate
Minimally Invasive
Reduced Recurrence
Preservation of Sphincter
Minimal Pain and Discomfort
Effective in Complex Cases

Our Approach To Over Anal Fissures

AyurVAID’s classical Ayurveda treatment protocols address the root causes of diseases. They assess symptoms, and history, and understand patients based on Ayurveda parameters. Anal Fissure Ayurveda treatment involves herbal medicines, diet, lifestyle intervention, and Panchakarma procedures. AyurVAID prioritizes patient centricity, offering personalized diet recommendations and evidence-based management to help patients regain their healthiest state.

Anal Fissures with Ayurveda

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