Anal Fistula

An anal fistula is an abnormal tract between the anal canal and the surrounding skin. It is often caused by untreated anal abscesses, which can lead to recurrent infections and complications. Diagnosis involves physical examination, procedures like proctoscopy or anoscopy, and fistulography, MRI, or ultrasound. Types include intersphincteric, trans sphincteric, supra sphincteric, and extra sphincteric. Conventional treatments include surgical intervention and draining abscesses. Ayurveda treatment at AyurVAID includes the Ksharsutra procedure, seton thread medicated with organic alkalis, and Kshara Karma intervention are used to prevent recurrence and long-lasting remission. Personalized dietary modifications and lifestyle interventions are also part of the anal fistula treatment protocol.

Outcomes of Lumbar Pain with Kerala Ayurveda

Significant reduction in pain levels

Improved mobility

Facilitate sensory and motor stimulation

Increased flexibility 

Increased muscular strength

Improved circulation

Improved quality of life 

Reduced dependency on pain medication 

Outcomes of Anal Fistula with Kerala Ayurveda

High Success Rate
Minimally Invasive
Minimal Pain and
Effective in
Complex Cases
Reduced Recurrence
Preservation of Sphincter Function
High Success Rate
Minimally Invasive
Reduced Recurrence
Preservation of Sphincter
Minimal Pain and Discomfort
Effective in Complex Cases

Our Approach To Over Anal Fistula

AyurVAID’s classical Ayurveda treatment protocols address the root causes of diseases. Ayurveda treatment of Anal Fistula includes Ksharsutra treatment, and herbal formulations, with a whole-person care approach. Ksharsutra is a minimally invasive, highly effective, and low-recurrence treatment using a medicated thread made from herbal extracts and minerals. The treatment lasts for seven days and can be changed up to five times. AyurVAID also offers personalized diet recommendations, such as a high-fiber diet, to promote regular bowel movements and prevent constipation. The approach is patient-centric, focusing on precision protocols and evidence-based management.

Anal Fistula with Ayurveda

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