Rehabilitation of COVID Contracted Patients

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As we all know the world is grappling with COVID-19 pandemic and significant efforts are being put to contain the same. During this battle, one of the health needs that has emerged is the post recovery management for COVID survivors. We are increasingly seeing a need for structured rehabilitation and rejuvenation for COVID survivors due to the following:

  1. Post recovery, patients are facing varied degrees of constitutional/ residual symptoms such as low-grade fever, inflammation, digestive/ metabolic dysregulation, respiratory ailments (breathing/ lung capacity issues, respiratory tract infections – cough, nasal block), general fatigue, body ache, joint pains, loss of smell and taste.
  2. Individuals who went through hospitalization for extended periods are seeing more severe issues such as lung fibrosis, renal/ kidney, liver, cardiac and circulatory damages
  3. Apart from this, patients are also struggling with psychological issues ranging from stress, sleeplessness, depression, trauma

AyurVAID Hospitals, pioneers of precision Ayurveda, have built custom solutions to address the above-mentioned conditions. Our Physicians will assess objectively the progression of COVID- 19 complications and the resultant physiological, psychological, and multisystem long-term impact for each patient. Based on this assessment, the physicians will arrive at personalised solutions to arrest further complications, correct the deterioration in quality of life parameters, reduce the risk of recurrence and finally restore positive health in every individual.

Our treatment is aimed at 5 objectives for every individual

  1. Increase internal digestive capacity and correct metabolic dysregulation (Agni Deepanam)
  2. Anti-inflammatory treatment (Ama Pachanam)
  3. Cellular cleansing/ Detoxification, with focus on respiratory and lung pathology (Sroto Shuddhikaranam)
  4. Enhanced immune response (Rakshoghnam)
  5. Cellular rejuvenation & nourishment (Rasayanam/Brumhanam)

The treatment typically follows a 3-week approach with oral medication for the 1st week, followed by a detox during the 2nd week and rejuvenation during the final week. For cases with more severe symptoms, we will also administer therapies at the hospital, as prescribed by the physician. The overall intervention is focusing on the following:

  1. Diet and Lifestyle interventions
  2. Specific medicines therapies (DIY/ at hospital) addressing your conditions
  3. Yoga (Mind and Body) recommendations

In case you are facing any of the symptoms/ conditions above, it is important to take medical help and go through a structured assessment and rehabilitation program. Please reach out to us for any clarifications at any of our hospitals. Wish you good health!

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Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person