Rehabilitation of COVID Contracted Patients

For all Covid contracted individuals, there is a need for rehabilitation to address the following:

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  1. Improving immunity, physical and mental well-being in the aftermath of recovery from the disease
  2. Reducing the risk of recurrence; long term disability and illness
  3. Reducing the risk of future illnesses as a sequel to COVID-19 (After any severe case of pneumonia, a combination of underlying chronic diseases and prolonged inflammation seems to increase the risk of future illnesses, including heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease)
  4. COPING WITH A NEW NORMAL: To remove the fear of recurrence and death; which causes significant and enduring distress? Fear reduces the quality of life as well as motivation. While the body’s natural immunity acts continuously against COVID-19 and towards healing, the long-term gnawing fear affects the body’s immunity and decreases the possibility of a cure.

Every person is different and therefore requires different approaches. AyurVAID COVID -19 Rehabilitation Clinic will help to identify the paths most suited to an individual.

Our Approach

For every individual, we will identify the key clinical areas and pathways of disease mechanisms to be addressed holistically.Basis this, we will provide a prescription of diet and lifestyle modification, along with Classical Ayurveda internal medicines and therapies where applicable. The objective here is to drive a whole-body, systemic healing process attempting to restore homeostasis or good health especially lung protection for sustained wellbeing in body, mind, and soul dimensions. This comprehensive therapeutic approach or ‘Chikitsa‟ is uniquely personalized and includes one or more of diet-lifestyle-medicine- therapies that seamlessly complement and supplement modern medicine interventions prescribed for the COVID-19 survivor.

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Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person