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arthritis imageAyurVAID Hospitals offers Natural Fertility Solutions based on classical Ayurveda science appropriately leveraging data from modern laboratory investigations for a scientific, protocol based approach to resolving chronic infertility problems at our hospitals and clinics. Our treatment for infertility is an intervention through natural, herbal, whole-system-health based Ayurveda addressing the root enablers and barriers to successful fertility. Fertility treatment in Ayurveda through ‘natural fertility’ AyurVAID Fertility Solutions unlocks the natural, innate ability of infertile couples suffering from idiopathic infertility (when there is no known cause), or secondary infertility (known cause, but unable to correct), or sub-fertility (poor quality of sperm or ovum) is an effective and successful alternative to IVF and hormone treatment. A leading infertility Ayurveda hospital in Bangalore, AyurVAID addresses infertility due to PCOD, Fibroids, and Menstrual problems. Our weight loss Ayurvedic treatment module is inbuilt with lifestyle and diet parameters to address infertility. With our many infertility success stories through natural course corrections adding to the growing list of AyurVAID babies, we invite you to attend our periodic infertility clinics if you notice signs and symptoms of infertility

“Our 5 year long wait ended with just three months treatment at AyurVAID. We are now blessed with a baby girl. Our joy knows no bounds! We thank Dr.Jayakumar and the entire AyurVAID team for bringing happiness into our life.”
--  Mr & Mrs. Ajaykumar(name changed)* Outcomes may vary from person to person

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Infertility Specialist of AyurVAID Dr. Jayakumar writes in Ayurveda & Health Tourism, Vol.11| Issue No. 3| July - Sep. 2016

* Outcomes may vary from person to person