Promise only what one can Deliver; Deliver on Promise!

Companies engaged in Ayurveda based healthcare services need to be conscious of the expectations of outcomes that they set with their consumers/customers/patients. This becomes particularly critical: When one is treating a complex of multiple conditions, When one is treating it at the cause level as much as the symptom level, When the consumer often comes […]

Ayurveda- Treatment of Choice for Wound Healing

Ayurveda is treatment of choice for any type of non-healing wounds – from burns to diabetic ulcers to deep vein thrombosis ulcers to varicose ulcers…….. Just one sample of Ayurveda’s powers is above. Also, the references in Ayurveda classical texts from which the treatment approach including medicines is derived is also given – showing that […]

Beyond Disease, to Health..Ayurveda

Andrew Weil is a pioneer in integrative medicine (IM) and one of its most respected spokespersons in the USA. As simply stated by him: “We have a disease-management system – one that depends on ruinously expensive drugs and surgeries that treat health conditions after they manifest rather than giving our citizens simple diet, lifestyle and […]

The Appetite Workout & Metabolism- the Ayurveda perspective

Key points from the NYT The Appetite Workout Article: 1. Exercise often produces little or no weight loss — and even weight gain because it affects how one’s body ‘interacts’ with food. Not only amount of calories burnt but also affects secretion of hormones. 2. Both Ghrelin or ‘hunger’ hormone as well as several ‘Satiety’ hormones secreted. […]

Checklists & Ayurveda

Checklists for Medical Excellence A recent report from the HSPH emphasizes that teams using checklists were 74% less likely to miss key life-saving steps in care during emergency situations than those working from memory alone. This perhaps equally applies to non-emergency situations that typically is applicable in the case of Ayurveda, i.e., even when time […]

Immunity to Influenza- the Ayurveda perspective

Public health emergency declared! (Flu Epidemic in New York ) 20,000 people affected in the State of New York alone by influenza. 20 children reportedly have succumbed to the virus (mainly of type AH3N2) nationwide across the USA. The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 128 million doses of vaccines has been distributed across the USA. The […]

Time Management & Healthcare Services Organisations

Making Time Management the Organisation’s Priority – A McKinsey Report A must-read article for all – medical and non-medical professionals. Thorough and insightful. More than right and wrong it gives one an insight into one’s own time management style. The interactive are really worth looking at. Overall, the key seems to be balance. On average, […]

Vata, Pitta, Kapha,

Ayurveda describes the state of complete health as a fine balance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha, seven tissues, a well balanced agni, cheerful and optimistic mind and soul, and alert senses. If anyone out of these is not in place, one cannot be in a perfect shape of health. Ayurveda asserts that health – harmony – […]

The DNA Dilemma: A Test that Could Change Your Life

“The DNA Dilemma: A Test that Could Change Your Life” a Cover Story in a recent Time magazine issue delves into how the technology of DNA testing and genome sequencing is outpacing our abilities to process that information in the real world. Key Observations: 1. Overreacting to murky results is highest in the area of […]

Declare evidence building for Ayurveda medical care as national health priority

The need for universal health coverage has never been greater. Today, India’s healthcare system is grappling with dual burden of accessibility and affordability. It is important for the government to not only implement universal health coverage for emergency medical care but also ensure ‘health assurance’ by providing coverage for treatment of chronic and non-communicable diseases […]