Sri Shankara-AyurVAID Centre for Integrative Oncology

Promoting Longevity and Wellbeing of Cancer Patients

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The “Sri Shankara-AyurVAID Centre for Integrative Oncology” (SS-AV CIO) has been set up jointly by Sri Shankara Hospital & Research Centre (SSCHRC) and AyurVAID Hospitals within the SSCHRC premises in Bangalore. This is perhaps for the first time in India that such a dedicated facility with comprehensive integrative care will be made available to cancer patients. Primary cancer management spanning prevention, adjuvant care, rehabilitation, and survivorship shall be appropriately supported by classical Ayurveda medical care in a unique, patient centric, protocols driven care model.

Quality of Life (QoL) of cancer patients is impacted on two counts: the disease itself and the cancer-directed-therapy (CDT). Increasingly, globally, integrative palliative care is being initiated in parallel with the CDT to improve tolerance, to reduce side effects, and to maximise longevity with enhanced QoL. An enhanced definition of QoL also means the presence of positive factors (presence of good sleep, appetite, excretion, state of mind, energy levels, normal skin and hair, etc.) as opposed to merely ensuring the absence of (negative) side effects.

A deeper, integrative approach is required that takes into account the different cancer types, its stage, the manifested symptoms, and to address the root-cause disease and wellbeing influencing factors such as inflammation, cancer proliferation factors, and gut metabolism.

“Integrative Oncology combines conventional medicine, complementary medicine (Ayurveda and Yoga in this case), diet, and lifestyle approaches in a manner that is comprehensive, personalized, evidence-informed, and safe in order to achieve optimal health and healing across the cancer care continuum and to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during, and beyond cancer treatment”1.

It is this enhanced vision of cancer care that the Sri Shankara-AyurVAIDCentre for Integrative Oncology (SS-AV CIO)seeks to realize leading to higher longevity with well-being in body-mind-spirit dimensions for Cancer patients.

The SS-AV CIO shall also progressively undertake preventive and palliative care initiatives at home and community levels.

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Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person