AyurVAID treatment for Transient ischemic attack,UMN facial palsy, diabetes mellitus and hypertension

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Brief Medical History

A patient walked into AyurVAID with the complaints of weakness of the left side of the body since the past 3 years .It was also accompanied by headache with exaggeration and remission since the past 2 years. He also faced difficulty in complete closing of left eye. It was associated with occasional watering since the past 2 years and numbness of lips and tongue.

In view of his symptoms and condition, AyurVAID decided to use the treatment of ‘Avarnajanya vata vyadhi, Arditham, Prameham and Vyana prabala’ for a period of 6 days along with a duration of follow up that would last for three months.

The medical strategy adopted included:

  • Vata samana by snigdha sweda, along with moordhni thaila (sirovasti) which was followed by nasyam
  • Internal medication for vatahara purpose which prevented further progress of the condition.

The treatment was a success and at the time of discharge numbness and pain on the affected side reduced considerably. Mukha abhyanga, Pratimarsha nasyam, and internal medication during follow-up period was expected to impart reasonable strength to eye muscles, thus epiphora was reduced. BP and vitals were stable at the time of discharge. However, Allopathic medicines for DM and HTN were to be continued.


Findings & Conclusions:

Patients with Hypertension and presenting with features with TIA need to be monitored regularly for further attack of TIA. Also all measures to prevent further episodes of the same is to be done. The treatmenthas given reasonably good relief to the present status.However regular review and Pathya is expected to give better relief.

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