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Table of Contents

Fibroadenoma of Breast

If you are a woman in your 20s or 30s, you are most likely to have googled about breast lumps. Out of all the lumps in the body, breast lumps are difficult to miss, right? And do you remember how often you came across the term fibroadenoma?

Know more about fibroadenoma of breast

Fibroadenoma is a solid non-cancerous lump that arises from the lobules of the breast, which has become one of the most typical complaints among women of reproductive age in today’s era. They vary in size and are movable, and therefore nicknamed the breast mouse.

The cause of fibroadenoma is often disputable, yet its hormonal dependency is unanimously agreed upon by medical science. This is why they tend to shrink around the menopausal age. Women who take oral contraceptives are also at risk of fibroadenoma. The symptoms tend to increase during pregnancy and hormone therapy.

Statistics show that about 10% of women around the globe suffer from fibroadenoma. The incidence is rare in post-menopausal women, as the fibroadenoma diminishes with age. Fibroadenoma is known to exist in men, but in exceptional cases only.

Signs and Symptoms of fibroadenoma of breast

  • Often painless, but can be painful around your periods
  • Appear as solid, mobile lumps. May change its shape over time
  • Easily palpable with defined borders, less than 3cm in size
  • Most commonly found on the upper quadrants of the breast
  • Can occur in both breasts, but mostly unilateral
  • Often single
  • Grows slowly and shrinks post-menopause.

Diagnosis & Lab Investigation

Different radiological examinations can be employed in diagnosing a fibroadenoma, USG and mammogram being the commonest of them. An ultrasound scan will help to identify and assess the condition of the breast lump in women under 35 years. Women above 39 years are advised to undergo a mammogram screening once every year. A biopsy is a better option if your physician requires confirmation about the breast lump. It is a minimally invasive procedure done by using a fine needle.

Fibroadenomas rarely turn cancerous. Therefore, keeping the breast lumps under your surveillance is the ideal thing to do. If you have nearest relatives who suffer from breast cancer, try to be watchful.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Fibroadenoma

Ancient Ayurvedic texts refer fibroadenoma to as a sthana roga called sthana granthi. It occurs when vitiated tridoshas, mainly vata and kapha, affect the dhatus like rakta, mamsa, and medas, leading to the formation of lumps in the breast. Medicines that are of vata and Kapha pacifying nature are to be employed here. Due to the kapha factor, tikshna and ushna (substances of sharp and hot potency) are advised. Other than internal medication, topical administration of medicinal pastes is helpful for quick action.

AyurVAID Approach

Fibroadenoma is not a cause of concern when appropriately cared for. All you need are a detailed examination, an accurate diagnosis, and the right hands to manage the same. Here at AyurVAID, we approach such conditions with proper Ayurvedic means and help you recover completely. AyurVAID is a pristine institution that bears the virtue of Ayurveda. Our doctors, skilled and proficient in their field, are here to help you by providing comfort and reassurance. In-depth assessment of the fibroadenoma, precise diagnosis, thorough samprapti vighatana (breaking the disease pathway), properly planned prakriti-oriented treatment, quality procedures, safe and hygienic environment, etc are our peculiarities. We offer you complete care for the conditions that ail you.

We are:-

  • First NABH-accredited hospital in India
  • The winner of the esteemed National Award for Best Ayurvedic Centre of the year 2017 from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Industry’s best customer satisfaction score of 92%, rated by our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any relation between fibroadenoma and breast cancer ?
Not at all. But it could be a risk factor for developing breast carcinoma in the later stages of life. Most fibroadenomas will remain benign only. Family history is important when it comes to the transition of fibroadenoma. If any of your nearest relatives are diagnosed with breast cancer, try to keep a watchful eye over your breast lump. If monitored carefully, one can rule out the chances of fibroadenoma turning into breast cancer.
Is surgery an ultimate option in fibroadenoma ?
Fibroadenoma, as long as it remains benign, is not a cause of concern. However, if it starts getting bigger (ie > 3cm), it may compress the surrounding breast tissues. Lumpectomy and Cryoablation are the popular surgical choices when it comes to a fibroadenoma case. In lumpectomy or excisional biopsy, the growth is surgically removed and sent for histopathological assessment. In cryoablation, the lump is crushed by freezing it.
What lifestyle changes can be implemented to prevent fibroadenoma ?
Reports have shown that making appropriate lifestyle modifications can prevent fibroadenoma to an extent. Including green leafy vegetables, omega 3-rich items such as flax seeds, cruciferous vegetables, and fiber-rich food in your diet is thought to be helpful. Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage are sources of estrogen-balancing compounds such as indole-3-carbinol. Regular and excessive use of dairy products is not advised. Being physically active by doing exercise or yoga will help reduce the kapha in the body. Decreased use of oral contraceptives is also considered good for preventing fibroadenoma.

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