Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles (Haemorrhoids), Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula




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Kshara karma for piles

Piles may occur due to straining during bowel movement. It often occurs in the case of chronic constipation where increased pressure is required in order to make the bowels move out of the rectum and anal canal. Hard stools may also contribute to worsening the condition by exerting added pressure to the dilated veins. Piles may also develop during pregnancy due to the additional weight in the pelvic region or as a trauma during child birth. Cirrhosis of the liver may cause pooling of blood in the anal vessel also resulting in piles.

Additionally, Ayurveda designates the occurrence of piles due to habitual consumption of constipating foods such as potatoes, cabbage, channa (chick peas), split peas, spicy foods and excessively dry foods. Similarly suppression of the urge to pass flatulence and stools can lead to chronic constipation and eventually haemorrhoids. Constant use of hard seats and continuous pressure exerted on the anal sphincter may also cause piles to develop.

“I wholeheartedly thank the good care and treatment given AyurVAID, after I had shown Fistula symptoms. I had come with pain and now I am leaving after proper treatment and confident that the problem would be completely cured. Thanks once again for the kindness and the care taken by the entire team. Very good care and service. Please keep it up.”
--   Mr. Venkatesh (name changed)* Outcomes may vary from person to person

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Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are when the veins located in the lower rectum and the anal canal become swollen and dilated. These dilated veins (varicose veins) become convoluted beneath the tissue layers and appear similar to a ball of hair covered by a cloth. Such a protrusion is known as a pile mass. AyurVAID Hospitals provides Piles Treatment through Ayurveda.

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Anal Fistula

Anal Fistula is an abnormal tube like passage (communication) between the interior of the anal canal (or rectum) and the outer skin surface around the anus. One opening of the fistula (Internal opening) is inside the anus (or rectum) and another opening ( External opening) is on skin surface around the anus. A tube like structure (Fistula track) connect them.

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Anal Fissures

Anal fissures can be caused by trauma to the anus and anal canal. It is longitudinal tear in the lower end of anus. It is the most painful condition affecting the anal region. It commonly seen among the young & the middle aged. Due wrong food habits fissures are found in children also. AyurVAID Hospitals provides Fissures Treatment through Ayurveda.

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Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person