Neurology – Memory Loss

Our cousin Najor Ishaque Ahmed basically informed us about AyurVAID as he found it through internet…

Neurology & Diabetes

I admitted my father for treatment of psychiatric, neuro issues. He also had diabetes..


I had a pain in my left hand wrist. I needed an immediate treatment as I had a drum performance..


I have been suffering from Vertigo since many years. I was on modern medicine. But recently


As my husband was suffering from radiating pain in the left hand, we struggled a lot…

Leg pain, Diabetes

I went through 7 days of treatment for my leg pain and sugar. Post treatment there is improvement..

Gastritis, Hypertension

Me and my wife came (to AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur) with Gastric, BP (High) and for my wife…

Eye Care

I had retina surgery in September 2014 at **** Eye Care, Chennai. Then came to know about…

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