"Chilll Man, I'm sooo sleepy”...Says Thyroid - Ayurveda gives a gentle nudge

Ayurveda views thyroid imbalances specifically Hypthyroidism as a result of sluggish metabolism of the body.

Imcompatible diet and lifestyle leading to Kapha excess in body will slow down the Agni- the metabolic fire responsible for bringing about the transformations in the body.

This inturn will bring a gap in cellular metabolism by diminishing the functions of pitta- i.e.Thyroid hormone in this condition.

Excess of kapha vitiation is visible clinically as : Weight gain, lethargy,bradycardia (slow pulse), high cholesterol levels, fatigue,mental fog, depression etc.

There are tissue blockages at all levels due to impairment in Agni. Agni at each tissue level- Dhatwagni is not able to perform at its optimum level leading to accumulation of semi transformed/ unmetabolised products - i.e. AMA.

A high TSH is the marker that most endocrinologists use to diagnose hypothyroidism. It means the pituitary gland is telling the thyroid, "Go, go! Work harder!" And the thyroid is saying, "Chilll man, I'm sooo sleepy." Conversely, too little TSH means hyperthyroidism, or an over-active thyroid.

Many people—possibly up to 2 million—who have a thyroid disorder haven't been diagnosed.

For some reason, thyroid disorders are exponentially more common in women than men.

Its easy to suggest a pill for hypothyroid. But studies say "Once a person goes on levothyroxine, they usually take it for the rest of their lives". And on an average it does not help 1000 patients.

Why not light up Agni and rekindle it with Ayurveda diet, lifestyle and medicine approach?

Is it not worth taking up a deep cleansing and brushing out the accumulated toxins of the body?? Afterall we declutter our homes during spring cleaning !! Ayurveda also recommends the same !VasantikVamanam !!!


Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person