AyurVAID Hospital, RamamurthyNagar, Bangalore
Multi-Speciality Hospital

This 17 bed hospital in general ward format is intended to deliver comprehensive Ayurveda medical care at breakthrough-affordable prices. There are two general wards, designated for either gender. In addition, this hospital has an Ayurveda operation theatre for conducting classical Ayurveda surgical and para-surgical procedures such as Ksharasutra that are today becoming the treatment of choice for treatment of ano-rectal conditions such as piles-fistula-fissure, polyps, chronic non-healing ulcers, tonsillitis, abscesses, etc.


This is a multi-specialty hospital with particular focus on orthopaedics, life style disorders (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and obesity), respiratory disorders and gastrointestinal disorders.



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