Endometrial Hyperplasia

Endometrial Hyperplasia- Eliminating a significant risk factor for Endometrial Carcinoma through Ayurveda

A female 43 years, of Vata Pitta constitution and Madhyama koshtha, known case of Hypothyroidism, visited AyurVAID Hospitals for the following complaints:

•    Irregular periods since 1 month
•    Mood changes since 1 year
•    Anxiety
•    Disturbed sleep since 1year
•    Occasional Constipation 

She was on allopathy drugs for the above complaints. Her gynaecologist suggested in the month of April 2012, an ultrasound, which suggested Endometrial Hyperplasia, with a thickening of 17.6mm.

With this finding, she was advised by her gynaecologist to undergo a biopsy for the endometrium to rule out endometrial malignancy. The patient was not willing for an intervention, So she turned towards Ayurveda and visited AyurVAID in the same month.

She was prescribed internal medicines and kriya (Shirodhara) for 7 days to correct Apana Vayu and stimulate Reproductive system, and ease her from the anxiety.

She got her period immediately on the 3rd day of the treatment, and was asked to continue treatment for 1 month with regular reviews and a repeat ultrasound after 1 month.

She could also discontinue her psychiatric drugs, as she could now sleep better after the 7 counts of Shirodhara treatment, and has been able to sustain good sleep without the help of sleeping pills.

Her Ultrasound as on 12/6/12 shows normal endometrial thickening with 7.5mm (5-10mm is the normal range in menopausal age group) .Though her periods are yet to start in the following cycle, she is advised to continue the medicines for 3 months. Also, she has been advised for yearly screening initially for status of her endometrial hyperplasia.  Her overall health has also improved with better sleep and better mental tolerance 

It is really satisfying to know that classical Ayurveda worked well in eliminating this emerging risk factor for endometrial carcinoma.