Ayurveda Treatment for Left Polycystic Ovary

Age/Gender: 21 yrs / F

Presenting complaints:

  • Irregular and painful periods-high severity, since 3 years
  • Hard stools-high severity, since childhood
  • Bleeding with stool-high severity, since 1 ½ years
  • Burning sensation during defecation -high severity, since 1 ½ years
  • Painful urination during periods- high severity
  • Frequent dry cough on taking cold food
  • Burning sensation in chest upon taking spicy food
  • Multiple joint pain-medium severity, since 3 years

Severity: High

Chronicity: 3 years

EpD: 18 months

OTT:Tab. Novelon for her painful periods
Inj. Tramazac and Inj. Decolic about 42 in number during the periods

DIAGNOSIS:All 1: Dysmenorrhoea All 2: Grade 2 pelvic adhesions,
left polycystic ovary
Ay 1: Kashta artava Ay 2: Rakta Gulma

Medication (TSD-1):

Internal medications:


External medications:


OPT/IPT:IPT No of days for treatment: 24 days

Summary: Ms. SA has completed all the scheduled treatments without any adverse events. During her stay in the hospital, she had one episode of acute abdominal pain which lasted for about 2 to 3 hours (10 on VAS), relieved with classical Ayurveda external; and internal medicines. Sazia was referred to a laparoscopic surgeon for an expert advice. After the investigations she was found to have all parameters within normal range. The constipation has been completely relieved during the treatments. Her stretching pain in the lower abdomen has completely relieved/Her energy levels have been improved significantly and she is feeling lightness of the body. Further, she is advised to continue the medications for three months and review thereafter.

Physician outcome scaleMetric/UnitBefore treatmentAfter treatment
Pain in abdomenVAS (0-10)102
ConstipationVAS (0-10)100
SleepVAS (0-10)100
Bone painVAS (0-10)81
Burning sensation and painful urinationVAS (0-10)100
Bleeding in stoolVAS (0-10)100
Patient’s Outcome
Weightage in %At Admission
(Condition Score)
(Condition Score)
Irregular Periods252Yet to review
Painful Periods601Yet to review
Discharge from breast54Yet to review
Poor (1), fair (2), Good (3), Very good (4), Excellent (5)

After treatment at AyurVAID Hospital, I have gained confidence and I am hopeful of living a normal again life I lived before. I am indeed thankful to doctors and staff of AyurVAID Hospital. Thank you, AyurVAID.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person