Achieve Strong Gums and Teeth with Ayurveda

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The smile on your face reflects the whole of your health and the ancient tradition of Ayurveda recognizes the importance of having healthy gums and teeth. Ayurveda offers different ways through which one can achieve a wonderful smile and oral health. Ayurveda stresses the importance of regular and frequent cleaning of the mouth as it is considered one of the nine openings, the gateway to the body.

Consumption of Calcium: Our bones as well as our teeth are in dire need of calcium for strength and this can be achieved by consuming sesame seeds. Other products like milk and yogurt are also a source of calcium

Use Spices: Spices such as clove, ginger, turmeric, and fennel seeds can help fight the accumulation of plaque and promote gum health. It can also alleviate toothaches if you have any. These spices help with the overall oral health.

Drink more water: It is important to stay hydrated as it helps with saliva production and neutralizes acids in your mouth. It also helps with rinsing away food particles that are responsible for building up cavities. 

Use Nature’s Toothbrush: It is advised in Ayurveda to use Neem twigs for brushing your teeth. This practice has been traditionally used in India since time immemorial. Neem contains various antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight gum disease and tartar buildup. 

Drink Herbal Tea: Drinking herbal tea such as chamomile, green tea, and licorice root which contain anti-bacterial properties that help fight the bacteria in your mouth. This can reduce the gum inflammation in your mouth and can pave the way for a healthier mouth.

Reduce sugar and acidic foods from your diet: Be mindful of what you eat and avoid carbonated drinks, sugary juices and snacks, and acidic fruits. Rinse your mouth well after having these types of foods to minimize the ill effects caused by them on your teeth. 

Oil Pulling Technique: The Ayurvedic practice of oil-pulling involves the technique of rinsing a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes before spitting it out. This helps in removing toxins and bacteria from the mouth.

Chew Betel: Betel also known as Tambula Sevana is a mixture of various ingredients such as betel leaf, betel nut powder, cloves, wet quicklime, camphor, and the fruit of Nutmeg or Jatiphala. Tambula is recommended to be chewed after waking up, after meals, and after bathing. It freshens your breath, removes the coating of the tongue, aids in digestion, and cleanses oral fluids.

Use Triphala: Triphala which is a blend of amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki is packed with numerous antioxidants and can be used as a mouthwash for everyday use. 

Gargling ( Kavala): To gargle, fill the mouth with three-fourths of water or any other fluid, swish it for 1-2 minutes, and spit it out. It is advised in Ayurveda to use lukewarm water. This can reduce the issues of dry throat, cracked lips, and bad breath, and can help in strengthening the teeth, gums, and jaw. 

A balanced diet is necessary for maintaining oral health. With consultation and guidance from an Ayurveda practitioner, one can avail of a personalized health care plan based on one’s body constitution ( Dosha ).  With the above-mentioned steps, which can be done at home, can help you achieve a great smile with stronger gums. 


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