Combat Stress with Ayurveda

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Stress is a complex experience the harmony of the mind and the body is triggered by various factors such as physical, emotional, or environmental factors. 

An imbalance in the dosha, which influences your mind and body, causes stress. A disturbance in the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha leads to stress. Chronic stress disrupts the nervous system and wreaks havoc on your well-being. Look into how these doshas influence our mental health:

Here are some of the ways through which one can reduce stress

Spend time with Nature: Take a walk around, and spend more time outwards whenever things get overwhelming for you. Vata dosha is associated with movement and is formed by the lightness and expansiveness of air and space.

Have an Oil Massage: A vata imbalance can be rectified through a self-massage with warm oil and Ayurveda advises an oil massage to be done before a bath. Oils such as Ashwagandha, Mahanarayana, Dashamoola, and Dhanwantaram not only relax a person but also hydrate the body. 

Establish a Sleep Environment (Nidra Sthana): Make sure to create a sleep sanctuary for yourself, as proper sleep ensures a lower stress level. Improper sleep and sleep schedules lead to making the person more agitated, stressed, and lethargic. It is advised to keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet. 

Practice Yoga: For balancing Dosha Pranayama, Ujjaya, Nadi shodhana, and Brahmari can be used to help deal with stress. These breathing techniques calm down the mind and the body which helps with tackling stress. 

Use of Herbs: Ashwagandha which in Ayurveda is known as Rasayana is a powerful herb for the mind and the body. It is commonly used as a nervine tonic and as a medicinal herb for stress and anxiety. Ayurveda advises its use during the evening time, due to its mild sedative effect. 

Stress can be managed through consistent Ayurveda practices that can be easily incorporated into your daily life routine. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and unlock its full potential to avail a stress-free peaceful life. 

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Table of Contents
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