I am suffering from Sciatica and right from the diagnosis to treatment, I have hopes…


I am KP. My native is Bihar. I am suffering from hand tremors, and stiffness of the neck and foot..


My mother-in-law, 64 years of age is suffering from Parkinson along with other ailments like Asthma & …


My father had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and had been taken Allopathy medication…


First of all my best wishes to AyurVAID Hospitals Ramamurthynagar. I stayed here for 15 days for my husband’s treatment…


I was suffering from facial paralysis, wherein the left part of my face was inactive and…


I was suffering from Migraine from past couple of years which also caused other health issues..


I came for treatment for Migraine and sleeplessness, and was asked to do Shirodhara…

TMJ, Tinnitus & Vertigo

We started treatment for my daughter who has severe TMJ, Tinnitus & chronic Vertigo  Dr.Radhika Varma recommended 28 days of treatment..

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